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Albania – Competition Culture


By Saimir Kristo & Xhoana Kristo

Albania - Competition Culture

Albania – Competition Culture 2000 – 2020 is a research. result of the course of Urban Regeneration and Community Projects developed at POLIS University by Saimir Kristo and Xhoana Kristo, focused on thorough research on the culture of architectural compe-titions in Albania. This study will consist on the methodological understanding of how the architectural competitions are organized and in which manner their structure affects the design process after all. An extensive chronological lineage will be produced pointing also the sustainability of each competition in terms of projects realized and impact. The research aims at equipping students with different levels of skills and criticism related to those specific design actions involving the culture of architectural competitions in Alba-nia. Information related in several aspects of this broad topic which also can be consid-ered complex due to the different levels of approach and impact in the society. Its main critical target is making the students and young professionals aware of the current trends within these paradigms thinking.

Title: Albania – Competition Culture. 2000-2020
Authors: Saimir Kristo, Xhoana Kristo
Design: Xhoana Kristo
Language: English
Cover: Soft cover
Size: 20 × 20 cms
Year: 2020
Publisher: dpr-barcelona + POLIS Press


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