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La Producción

Cuatro estrategias menores

Edited by Bartlebooth

La Producción

In opposition to the polished and finished object, a multitude of precarious processes. In opposition to the name, the verbs. In opposition to individual creations, we propose assemblages and collective productions. In opposition to Architecture, minor architectures. In opposition to tabula rasa, we propose to visit a landfill, where we will find all the materials to alter, pirate, subvert, correct, modify, reorient, retouch, (partially or totally) destroy, dissect, desecrate, demolish, tear down, retouch, manipulate, deterritorialize, suppress, assemble, graft. All of these processes are production modes that resist and reject the logics of a system capable of converting any product into a commodity available to the highest bidder. Let’s look carefully at marginal positions -in the folds and at the very heart of the system itself-, where we could find (individual or collective) resistance practices, with the sole purpose of generating alternative strategies, incapable of being captured.

La Producción: Cuatro estrategias menores (Production: four minor strategies) proposes to delve into marginal or peripheral production processes that are not based on ex-novo creation but on the manipulation, alteration, subversion of existing fragments. Four minor strategies were chosen to explore these resistance mechanisms: scrapping, hacking, sampling and non-doing.

With contributions by Mengya Yang, Sara Escudero, Ángel Martínez García Posada, Pedro Hernández, Manuel Sendón, Uriel Fogué, Núria Güell, Davide Tommaso Ferrando, Roberto Equisoaín, Francisco García Triviño, Joaquín García Vicente, Atxu Amann + Rodrigo Delso, Santiago Sierra, Yolanda Pérez Sánchez, Juan Creus, Virginia de Diego, Miguel Mesa del Castillo + Juan Carlos Castro, Tatiana Poggi, Luis Díaz and Eduardo Navas.

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Title: La Producción
Language: Spanish, English
Cover: Soft cover
Size: 14.8 x 21 cms
ISBN: 978-84-617-5198-3
Publisher: Bartlebooth


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