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From BINA Belgrade International Architecture Week

Future is Now

11th Belgrade International Architecture Week, 5-28 May 2016

Edited by Jelena Ivanovic Vojvodic, Danica Jovovic Prodanovic, Ruzica Saric

Future is Now

The borders have been erased, multidisciplinarity is assumed, climate has changed, time has shrunk, and the number of those who live in cities grows at great rate, bolstered by unexpected migrations. The Future has begun and that is why we are talking about it now…

Committed to our fundamental vocation to support thinking about the quality of built environment, criteria and values that contribute to advancement of architectural design, we believe that the choice of topics at this year’s BINA is both current and significant to everyone – not just for architects, experts and fans of architecture. Topics are simple and almost trivially clear, which is why it is perhaps so difficult to find the solution, the real answer to posed questions. BINA 2016 starts the discussion, gives opinions, analyses existing solutions, give propositions, initiates solutions…BINA is the platform where society meets… Architects, urban planners, politicians, economists, philosophers, sociologists, activists, artists, designers and journalists will be discussing EDUCATION, RESEARCH, HOUSING, RELATIONSHIP WITH HISTORY AND TRADITION, with the intention to point to the possibility for new, open, interactive models of work that have actually already been discovered (but not examined thoroughly enough) and whose potentials need to be increased.

BINA 2016 talks on urban space with the language of architectural projects, movie, literature, visual arts, design, but also physical sense of space. We invite you to join us at exhibitions, lectures, walks and workshops so that you could recognize your own capabilities to influence the improvement of our living environment… now.

Title: Future is Now. 11th Belgrade International Architecture Week, 5-28 May 2016
Authors/Editors: Jelena Ivanovic Vojvodic, Danica Jovovic Prodanovic, Ruzica Saric
Language: English, Serbian
Cover: Soft
Size: 20 × 22 cms
Number of Pages: 115
Date: 2016
ISBN: 978-86-89561-05-0 (DAB)
Publisher: Association of Belgrade Architects and Cultural Centre of Belgrade


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