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From BINA Belgrade International Architecture Week

Ideas Yards

12th Belgrade International Architecture Week, 27.4/25.5.2017

Edited by Jelena Ivanovic Vojvodic, Danica Jovovic Prodanovic, Ivan Kucina, Ruzica Saric

Ideas Yards

Architecture is communication
—Umberto Eco

The title of this year’s event, the Ideas Yards, originated from the concept of a European project in which BINA and its eleven partners will participate over the next 4 years – Shared Cities: Creative Momentum – which is based on the concept of a “yard” that is, basically a common, public space in which ideas about the city and urban spaces arise and are shared to suit the users. By creating ideas and programs in public urban spaces, social innovations are encouraged from creative sectors, which include the participatory processes of urban design. In this year’s BINA “yard”, we will explore elements of the architecture of Nikola Dobrović, put the Military Headquarters building into focus, exchange experiences with our colleagues within the Future Architecture Platform conference “Belgrade Outskirts – Envision the Future”, present two European events, the Lisbon Architecture Triennale from and the Biennale of architecture BETA of Timisoara, host the exhibition “Small Utopias” by the MAXXI museum from Rome, discuss the architecture of knowledge as the driving force of urban development, cheer for the swift implementation of the detailed design for the reconstruction of the Belgrade City Museum, socialize with the experts that build and equip our buildings, while students and pupils will create their architecture in workshops, and we will all walk through Belgrade together, getting to know the city over and over again. BINA 2017 speaks the language of trans-disciplinarity: architecture, anthropology, philosophy, sociology, music, visual arts and design. We invite you to join us at exhibitions, lectures, walks and workshops so that, together, we can contribute to creating responsible solutions for new spatial challenges that our surroundings constantly face! Welcome to the twelfth Belgrade International Architecture Week, welcome to the Ideas Yards!

Title: Ideas Yards. 12th Belgrade International Architecture Week, 27.4/25.5.2017
Authors/Editors: Jelena Ivanovic Vojvodic, Danica Jovovic Prodanovic, Ivan Kucina, Ruzica Saric
Design: Tatjana Vukosavljevic
Language: English, Serbian
Cover: Soft
Size: 20 × 22 cms
Number of Pages: 138
Date: 2017
ISBN: 978-86-89561-06-7 (DAB)
Publisher: Association of Belgrade Architects and Cultural Centre of Belgrade


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