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In Articulo Mortis

Chronicles of Convicted Architecture

Tania Tovar Torres

In Articulo Mortis

The demise of a building, suggests a singular event. The idea of killing a building represents already technical difficulty on its own, where architecture is inherently an act of resistance. Doing it from a legal mandate, incorporates law and its assumptions where death is seen as an act of justice, a necessary punishment to keep the general order of things.

In Articulo Mortis: Chronicles of Convicted Architecture looks at the application of the law on the architectural object. It explores the idea of an architectural demise as a punishment, applied exclusively to a building by the same law and its documentary-legal processes that can convict it of a crime, and that can only exist and be carried out with in a context of a state of order. It displays the differences between the legal and the architecture world, their time, space and modes of representation. Documenting the architecture that is being repressed, judged, sentenced and condemned by the law, the buildings that have been convicted and sentenced to death, and turned into the architecture that is no longer an ally and whose affectations, passive or active, are a threat according to the law.

More Info:

Title: In Articulo Mortis
Author: Tania Tovar Torres
Language: English
Cover: Soft cover
Size: 14.5 x 20.3 cms


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