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CANactions Magazine Edition 01

Edited by Romea Muryn, Sara Anand, Natalia Mysak & Maya Shopova


The publication is dedicated to Mikrorayons—officially named Microdistricts or Microraions—have been designed as self-sustained districts with multifunctional residential units, made of prefabricated building elements, and have frequently been referred to as ‘sleeping districts’. The severe housing shortage in the wake of WWII led to the emergence of large-scale planning which in effect rapidly increased the Soviet state’s housing stock. By the end of its implementation, around 75% of all the population of Eastern Countries were living in large housing estates. Today, despite the disintegration of the union the housing estates still fill the cityscape of most post-socialist states, and the scale of their existence, indeed, does not allow us to ignore them.

Title: Mikrorayons. CANactions Magazine Edition 01
Editors: Romea Muryn, Sara Anand, Natalia Mysak & Maya Shopova
Design: Zoreslava Pendeliuk
Language: English, Ukrainian
Cover: Soft cover
Size: 24,8 x 29,8 cms
Number of pages: 280
Date: May 2020
ISBN: ISSN 2709-3115
Publisher: CANactions Publishing House


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