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Publishing Acts III

Fiume Novare

Edited by Ana Dana Beroš, Ida Križaj Leko, Morana Matković

Publishing Acts III

A prospective title, Fiume Novare, in a “bastardized”, broken Italian, describes well the publication’s attempt to get immersed in a world of New Rijeka imaginaries. In order to open up possibilities for new ideas, new mythologies that will need to be deconstructed again in the future, this publication uses “passwords” – Rimax, Corography, Delta, Džir, Intercessor – among others. Such passwords enable us to plunge in and re-apprehend the imaginable narratives about Rijeka, both crystalizing them and situating them in a panoramic, nevertheless “split” perspective. (Is Rijeka Split?)

The publication uses a self-critical ethnography of a multitude of both local and foreign agents to expose the nexus between the everyday life and the construction of the ECoC 2020 aura. In a collective attempt to unearth the infraordinary and the extraordinary strata of Rijeka, this publication results in forms and formats of counter-cartography, docu-fictional interviews and critical texts on creative economy and culture industry. Publishing Acts III is objectified as a newspaper edition, bilingual to serve both the local community as well as the international arena, in a print run of 3000.

Title: Publishing Acts III. Fiume Novare
Editors: Ana Dana Beroš, Ida Križaj Leko, Morana Matković (eds.)
Language: English, Croatian
Cover: Newspaper
Size: 28 × 41 cm
Date: 2020
ISBN: 978-84-120390-4-7
Publisher: DAI-SAI (Društvo arhitekata Istre – Società architetti dell’Istria), dpr-barcelona


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