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From Lisbon Architecture Triennale

The Form of Form

André Tavares, Diogo Seixas Lopes

The Form of Form

What is architectural form? What does architectural form mean? And why is it so signifi-cant today? Well, from the perspective of the chief curators of Lisbon Triennale 2016, ar-chitecture is a visual construct with a full field of responsibilities and hidden values. Even before we think about architecture as a means of design, architecture is a type of knowledge. After all the tensions and frictions that happen during the physical and social transformations of our cities and landscapes, when all the fuss is over, and the different agents who contributed to change have left the field of play, what is left is a built form. Citizens live among forms; architectural forms have endured from the past and they will populate the future.

Architects transform the world with architecture, and regardless of the perspective adopt-ed in discussing those transformations it all comes down to the forms the architects are able to produce or preserve. Despite the historical significance of form in architecture, the subject is frequently ignored in architectural debate. This book explores a variety of ideas relating to form, not only through aesthetic and technological approaches but also from social and political positions. With the support of Graham Foundation, it underlines the cultural and technical relevance of architecture to society through a series of four discus-sions in between the chapters connects the threads to form a cohesive theme that shapes this book.

Title: The Form of Form
Author: André Tavares, Diogo Seixas Lopes
Design: Drop – João Faria
Language: English
Cover: Soft cover
Size: 21 × 26,5 cms
Number of Pages: 228
Date: 2016
ISBN: 978-303-7785-04-1
Publisher: Lars Müller Publishers


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