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The Land

CANactions Magazine Edition 02

Edited by Romea Muryn, Vadym Denysenko & Yegor Vlasenko

The Land

Земля [Zemlia] | The Land is one of the first connotations coming to mind when one thinks about rural realms and its inhabitants. It is still a valuable part of the village and small-town citizens lifestyle with traditions of household farming and gardening. Rural populations of post-soviet bloc countries for centuries have been dramatically influenced by the shifts of the land ownership models and technologies of cultivation. They went through intensive modifications after Soviet collective farms disintegrated in 1991. The large agricultural transformations of post-socialist states faded in the background. The economy gradually shifted to the development of natural resources and their industries supported the new “progressive” future of the post-socialist cities in the globalization processes.

CANactions Magazine Edition 02 is meant to explore “Zemlia” landscapes and its inhabitants to collect and share with the world the most actual and relevant portrait of contemporary post-socialist states countryside.

Title: The Land. CANactions Magazine Edition 02
Editors: Romea Muryn, Vadym Denysenko & Yegor Vlasenko
Design: Zoreslava Pendeliuk
Language: English, Ukrainian
Cover: Soft cover
Size: 24,8 x 29,8 cms
Number of pages: 185
Year: 2020
ISBN: ISSN 2709-3115
Publisher: CANactions Publishing House


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