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From Lisbon Architecture Triennale

When Art Speaks Architecture

Let's Talk About Houses

Delfim Sardo

When Art Speaks Architecture

This catalogue presents a set of art works that were part of the exhibition, curated by Delfim Sardo, and held at the National Museum of Contemporary Art – Museu do Chiado. The book maps the relationship between art and architecture as two disciplines that often intersect. The publication includes art pieces by well known authors such as Han Haacke, Dan Graham, Ed Rusche, Thomas Scheibitz, Marepe, Stan Douglas or Jimmie Durham, in addition to all documentation of the projects exhibition signed by Fernanda Fragateiro, José Pedro Croft, Ângela Ferreira and Carlos Nogueira.

When Art Talks Architecture is based on the notion that the contents of the Lisbon Triennale are not restricted to the specific sphere of architecture, the focus being shifted to fields of reflection which, although they intersect with the discipline, belong to other areas of thought. This illustrated catalogue was designed around the idea that visual arts, in its most diverse ways, have been exploring themes or territories specific to architecture, such as space, scale, limit, material or building processes, referring only to the most obvious.

Title: When Art Speaks Architecture. Let’s Talk About Houses
Author: Delfim Sardo
Design: Pedro Falcão
Language: English / Portuguese
Cover: Hard
Size: 24 × 32 cms
Number of Pages: 163
Date: 2010
ISBN: 978-989-3100-08-0
Publisher: Athena


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