HDA House of Architecture

Graz, Austria

The House of Architecture (HDA), founded in 1988, is a non-profit organisation focussing on promoting architecture and high-quality building culture. It works within the context of culture, social policy, education policy and economy. The HDA’s work is based on a comprehensive concept of architecture as a vital factor in these fields, and on actively monitoring and working with relevant developments. The HDA pursues the following aims: to provide a platform for all branches of architecture, urban development and spatial planning; to act in the interests of different social groups; to cooperate with related disciplines; to act as a point of contact for all matters related to building culture. The HDA sees itself as a thematic platform that is open to all interested persons. The broad range of activities covered by the HDA includes exhibitions, talks, workshops, discussions, symposia, educational series, excursions and publications. To promote animated and ambitious discourse, the HDA actively collaborates with other associations and institutions, and with representatives from the political, administrative and business spheres.