MAO Museum of Architecture and Design

Ljubljana, Slovenia

MAO preserves and archives works from prominent architects and designers of the 20th and 21st centuries, constituting a rich history of creative ideas, vision and production. MAO organizes and shares this seemingly unlimited source of inspiration and exploration of architecture and design through its many compelling exhibitions and publications and its diverse programme, which is aimed at a broad circle of visitors. At the same time it is opening itself up as a space intended for everyone who wishes to research, study, and learn more about how we inhabit our living space, how we organize it, change it, design it, mark it, and make it our own. In this way, MAO serves as a dynamic forum for the exchange of ideas, knowledge and dialogue for and among a wide range of visitors. Since 1972, the museum has organized the Biennial of Design (BIO), the oldest European design biennial, which enjoys a tradition spanning a full 50 years, with a strong international presence and positioning. BIO enjoys and cultivates strong connections with businesses, local, institutional and government partners, sponsors, supporters and more.