MAXXI The National Museum of XXI Century Arts

Rome, Italy

MAXXI embodies a distinct awareness of the importance of promoting the current creative expressions of a nation such as Italy, a nation characterized by centuries of important contributions in the arts and architecture. MAXXI’s mission is to promote and develop a sense of continuity that looks to the future. MAXXI intends not only to be a venue and a vessel for the exhibition of art from this new century, but also a place for cultural innovation and the overlapping of languages, a laboratory for artistic experimentation, a machine for the production of aesthetic materials of our time. MAXXI aims to be a centre of excellence in both contemporary art and architecture, an interactive hub in which the most diverse forms of expression, productivity and creativity can converge, combine and reproduce. Since art and architecture can constitute essential components of the image and perception of a nation abroad, MAXXI intends to be a form of antenna, transmitting Italian content to the outside world, while at the same time receiving from beyond its borders the broad flux of international culture.

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