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Archifutures Archifutures A field guide to the future of architecture Edited by &beyond, published by dpr-barcelona Publishing Acts II Publishing Acts II Šibenik Alternating Currents Ana Dana Beroš, Emil Jurcan, Rebekka Kiesewetter (eds.) YTAA 2018 YTAA 2018 Young Talent Architecture Award Ivan Blasi, Anna Sala Giralt (eds.) Fables and Construction Fables & Constructions Six Takes on Future Architecture Lucie Kohoutová & Martina Freitagová

The Archifutures book series is the publishing project that accompanies the activities of the Future Architecture platform. Originally conceived, edited and designed by &beyond, it has evolved into a pioneering digital and print project masterminded by dpr-barcelona.

This is an open space featuring the intellectual interactions offering new narratives and readings of Archifutures series, the main editorial outcomes produced by FA platform members, and a careful selection of editorial productions by the FA emergent creatives.

Start to set up your own book by adding contributions selected from the Archifutures series contents. You can read, select, and compile contents with just a click, to publish and share your customized compilation.